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Heavy Duty Steel Body
Solid Steel with Powder Coat and Baked Enamel Paint withstands powerful suction, normal wear and tear, and also resists corrosion for life.

Motor Mount Plate
Heavy Duty 20-gauge steel takes the wear and tear and provides a perfect seal for life.

By-Pass Motor
All BEAM vacuum power units use BY-PASS motors. This type of motor has proven to be superior for the performance and durability of Central Vacuum Systems. The BEAM vacuum motor uses separately drawn air for cooling because compressed air is warmer and can contain minute particles of dust that will build-up on the motor windings or commutator and shorten motor life.

State-of-the-art Printed Circuit Board and Circuit Breaker
The BEAM PC Board provides reliable, durable and advanced switching and control. The circuit breaker prevents damage in the case of excess load or worn brushes by shutting down the system.

Sentry Light and System Monitor
The Intelli-Watch™ electronic system monitors the performance of the BEAM Serenity. The Intelli-Watch™ LED’s range from constant Green through flashing Green, and constant and flashing Amber and Red stages, alerting you to service requirements and the status of your motor brushes.

Maximum Cyclonic Action
The BEAM Intake Assembly is at the perfect angle to provide maximum cyclonic action, powerfully centrifuging dirt into the dirt receptacle.

Permanent Self-Cleaning Gore-Tex© Filter
The BEAM Serenity Plus range features state-of-the-art Gore-Tex© filters. Gore-Tex© fabric not only ‘sheds’ debris, but also prevents build-up of absorbed dirt. Gore-Tex© filters deliver PEAK performance for life, they work like new – every time.

Translucent Dirt Receptacle with View Window – featuring Alphasan anit-bacterial treatment on all models

BEAM central vacuum system features a tough, rust resistant dirt receptacle with a view window that tells you when to empty it. Larger models feature the anti-microbial see-thru bucket.

Built-In Utility Inlet with Manual Override
Convenient built in inlet for vacuuming garage or installation area, with manual override on/off switch.

The Quietest Power Unit in the World
Every aspect of the BEAM SERENITY has been scientifically designed to make it the quietest operating power-unit in the world. The quiet operation masks the awesome power it delivers.

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